In my trip, I have met Cathy Freeman, a legend athlete in summer of two thousand in Sydney. This arborigines athlete been choise forn burn the olypics flamme. Cathy Freeman representative the arborigines because she lived during her childhood.

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-Hi Cathy Freeman.


-How are you ?

-I'm fine, thank you. And You ?

-Fine to, thank you for being here.

-You're welcome.

-How old are you ?

-I have fourty-three years old.

-Ok!Have you ever won a medal in four hundred meters?

-Yes, I have won three goldens medals.

-Where did you win it ?

-In Sydney.

-When did you win it ?

-In two thousand.

-What is your reaction when you burn the olympics flames ?

-I'm very happy and I representative the arborigines because I have lived during my childhood.

-Ok,thank you for your presentation, good bye.

-You're welcome, good bye


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